Here’s why you should consider a minimony or a microwedding?

Since covid-19 caused a lot of couples to change their 2020 wedding plans, many are choosing to have a smaller intimate wedding. Minimonies and microweddings have become very popular and may just be the new way forward.

A Minimony

A minimony is a mini ceremony with a postponement to your eventual wedding date. Couples can celebrate with loved ones or just share the moment of commitment between themselves. The size and the meaning of a minimony makes it different to an actual wedding. It is a commitment ceremony with up to 10 people and is a perfect option during the uncertainty of covid-19. Minimonies allow couples to still honour their original wedding date and celebrate with their closest loved ones. You can also use the same wedding vendors you have for your larger wedding and make your minimony extra special. A mini wedding cake, flowers, decorations, and a photographer are some ideas of what you can include on a smaller scale. Have the minimony to honour your first proposed wedding date and as some restrictions are starting to ease you can include some more people in your minimony. Remember the health of you and your loved ones should be a priority throughout the planning and postponement process. At your minimony the PLANIT wedding team can make your vision come to life on a smaller scale. We will always ensure your wedding dreams become a reality no matter what obstacles are presented!

A Minimony

A microwedding will typically include a guest list of up to 50 guests. Now that restrictions have started to ease you can proceed with a microwedding if you want to include more loved ones in your celebration. Microweddings might be the perfect option for you as they allow you to spend more of your budget on the finer details because you have a smaller amount of guests. You can definitely save money with microweddings, however some couples want to use their whole budget and give guests a macro experience. With a smaller guest list of your nearest and dearest, you can be creative and ensure your fairytale wedding becomes a reality. 

Whether you choose a minimony or a microwedding, both are intimate days spent with loved ones. Decide which one suits you best and prioritise spending quality time with each and every loved one at your event. The PLANIT wedding team will ensure your day is truly memorable and special. We focus on the finer details and no dream is too big, so do what suits you best and make sure your dream wedding day is a representation of your love story.