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Planit's Top 10 Tips for a Sustainable Wedding

There are a lot of ways to make your wedding ‘green’ or ‘ethical’. Your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are, as that is what will make your day truly memorable and special. It can be hard to make your wedding completely sustainable but it is important to remember that there are so many ways in which you can plan the best day of your life, without having it cost the earth. 

How to Plan Your Table Setting

When planning a wedding, a lot of thought and effort goes into pulling the entire affair off. You’d be surprised at all the little details that need to be considered by the wedding planner. One of those details is the kind of table setting you’re going to have.

Creating the Perfect Wedding Welcome Bag

If you’re a guest attending a wedding there is nothing quite like arriving to a wedding to find a welcome bag filled with simple essentials to make your night or weekend that bit more enjoyable. A “Wedding Welcome Bag” is filled with local treats, useful information, and thoughtful goodies. 

Ireland's Top 5 Country Wedding Venues

Any bride who’s dreamt of THAT fairytale wedding complete with streams, abundantly green meadows, orchards, castles and all things whimsical and otherworldly would be happy to know that a fairytale wedding doesn’t just exist in storybooks but is possible. That’s if you travel to the Irish countryside.